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Southeast Academy 1st-2nd Grade

Accredited Elementary Homeschooling

accredited Elementary school program in all 50 states!

Southeast Academy’s 1st & 2nd

Equip your child with a strong foundation!

Southeast Academy’s 1st and 2nd grade students have five core subjects in booklet form that include Math, Language Arts, History/Geography, Science, and Bible. Students are equipped with a solid foundation for their reading and math skills.

Elementary | 1st – 2nd

“I have compared many home school programs and none has the benefits and support that you offer at such a reasonable cost. My children love the curriculum. Thank you!”

-Tom from PA

Our award winning curriculum presents a Christian worldview that supports family values! Our book based programs are monitored by a student advocate and completed work is evaluated by the school.

(Curriculum Samples below)

Elementary School | 1st-2nd

• Parent guide included for planning
• Approximately 10 booklets per subject for the year
• A booklet takes an average of three weeks to complete, combining reading pages, exercises, occasional projects, and a test.
• New concepts and skills integrated across other subjects for reinforcement
• Project supplies provided by the family

Southeast Academy’s Program Includes:

• Diagnostic Testing
• Accredited Grade Level Curriculum
• Annual achievement testing (optional)
• Record keeping and quarterly report cards
• Penmanship can be included as an add on


Southeast Academy’s 1st or 2nd Grade Booklet Program:

(Booklet curriculum shipping costs included for U.S. residents. Monthly payments unavailable because shipping occurs quarterly.)

A $150 Family Registration Fee (non-refundable) is required when submitting the registration form. The first tuition payment will also be due before shipping materials.

• Pay Quarterly: $525 (10 mo plan) OR: $535 (12 mo plan)
• Pay by Semester: $1045 (10 mo plan) OR $1070 (12 mo plan)
• Annual $1980 (10 mo plan) OR $2040 (12 mo plan)
• Summer School $375 (for 10 month Traditional year students not finishing in 10 months)

This 10 month structure follows a typical 180 day school year. A summer term can be added for a fee if the work is not completed in the 10 months.

Year Round:
The 12 month structure allows the student to complete work over a 12 month period, offering more flexibility for your schedule and pace of work completed.

Reduce Or Eliminate Your Tuition: Receive $100 tuition credit on your account for each family that uses your email address as a referral code on their registration form! The referred family will also receive $100 credit on their account! The referred family needs at least one 1st-12th grade student to enroll. Your email address must be the email address you will normally receive SEA communications! See our Referral Program details.

Curriculum Samples:

The samples below are in PDF format. Most browsers will automatically display the file in a new tab when clicked. However, some browsers will just download the file where they need to be opened from your download folder.

Optional Course (additional cost):

Penmanship is an optional subject. Cursive begins at 2nd grade. Sample: 1st grade