Refer A New Student

Reduce or even eliminate your tuition cost!

Refer a family to SEA and receive $100 credit on your account if they enroll using your email address as a referral code on their registration form! Your email address must be the same one you receive SEA communications! The referred family must enroll at least one 1st through 12th grade student. The referred family will also receive $100 credit on their account as an incentive to supply your referral email address on their registration form!

We receive up to half of our new enrollments mid-year, so it is not uncommon for families to be looking for a change even during the school year! Most students are given work credit for what they have accomplished at their previous school, so they can still enroll in SEA’s 10 month traditional school year. New students can also enroll using our year round 12 month structure that offers break and vacation flexibility to fit the family situation. Some prefer a shorter school week that is spread out with a longer year. The 12 month structure also offers more time if needed than the traditional 10 month structure for students that were struggling in the past. Some students need more time or need to catch up from a bad situation.

We would much rather help our Southeast Academy family instead of spending on advertising! Help both yourself and SEA keep cost down!

You must have a student enrolled with Southeast Academy to participate in the referral program. If you are new to Southeast Academy, you qualify to use this incentive as long as you have paid the Family Registration Fee.

The credits for both you and the referred family will be distributed equally among remaining payments on your account. The credits will be applied after the referred family registers at Southeast Academy and has paid their registration fee. Your maximum credit attainable will be what is remaining for your current school year tuition, however excess credit can be carried over IF you re-enroll at Southeast Academy the next year. Referral credit cannot be refunded. Above all, you will be helping the referred family, plus helping SEA keep costs down for everyone.

You may receive occasional tips and ideas in SEA’s regular newsletter that might help you reduce or even eliminate your tuition!

Remember when giving out a referral code for the family to receive the $100 credit: Use your email address that you normally receive SEA communications! If you were previously assigned a referral code to give out, now just use your email address. If you would prefer a referral code, please contact us.

Thank you for helping all of us,
Your Southeast Academy Family