Student Enrollment

NEW Student form

Save a spot for Fall 2021-22 with either our 10 or 12 month school year structure! You can also start this Summer with our 12 Month Option and get a head start on the school year! Half off the annual $125 registration fee by registering now! Only $62.50. Also 10% off tuition when choosing the Annual Tuition rate! The Family Registration Fee is due when submitting our simple registration form. First tuition payment is not due until week before student work begins. Explore our By Grade pages to quickly learn about Southeast Academy Online for your student.

Enrollment Process for Southeast Academy

1. Application Submitted

2. Parents of students in Grades 2 – 12 are e-mailed the placement testing information (usually within 1 business day)

3. Records are requested from previous school. It is also suggested that parents contact the previous school to see if they need to withdraw the student etc. before records are released.

4. Upon completion of BOTH the placement test and receiving prior school records, the parent will receive an email with the paperwork outlining the courses and tuition

5. Parents must return signed paperwork and payment information

6. Upon receipt of signed paperwork, classes are loaded or books shipped for workbook students

7. Parents will receive an email to let them know that classes are ready.

8. If needed, an Enrollment Verification letter can be requested after step 5 by using the Contact SEA page.

Returning Student Update Form

Re-enrolling Students

The Student Update form helps us prepare and double check information for your student’s next grade level. Students using the 10 month structure should submit this form in the spring or summer. Students using the 12 month year round structure should submit this form the month before the enrollment anniversary date.

Multiple students in the family

The Student Update form is used for up to four students in a family. If a new student from the family will be enrolling for the upcoming year, please complete a separate New Student Registration form (Admissions/New Student Registration) for that particular student after you submit the Student Update form below for your returning student(s).


Once your Student Update form is submitted, you also qualify for a tuition referral savings of $100 on your account for each family you refer who enrolls with Southeast Academy for 2020-2021. The referred parent will also receive a savings of $100! Savings will be divided equally among the chosen payment plan. After submitting your Student Update form, use our Referral Code Signup form on our website to request your “referral code” to give to potential families.