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Southeast Academy’s 6th-8th

The Right Online Solution for your Middle School Student!

Southeast Academy’s middle school students can expect to enter high school with the study and thinking skills they will need for success. Our accredited middle school program begins with our online placement tool to customize the student’s personalized academic program. Our award-winning online curriculum presents a Christian worldview and can be used from anywhere with internet access!

Middle School | 6th – 8th

“Southeast Academy is the home of star achievers. My son has special learning needs and always hated school. Now he loves doing his work and is making good grades for the first time. Mrs. Hammond wrote an educational plan that put my son on the path of success. Thank you so much!”

– Debra from TX

• Complete a lesson at student’s own pace
• Concepts integrated across other subjects for reinforcement
• Thousands of multimedia features and digital tutors
• Reinforce concepts via instructional videos, taking notes in the system, listen to audio clips, and playing games
• Unit projects that build writing, research, and creativity
• Daily teacher support available
• Flexibility in daily schedule
• Full accreditation status with Cognia, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), and NAPS -Nation Association of Private Schools.

(Curriculum Samples below)

Southeast Academy Program Options for 6th-8th Grade

1. Elite Service: Online curriculum with academic concept help and scoring done by our qualified SEA teachers
2. Premier Service: Online curriculum with our qualified SEA teachers scoring student work

Both Programs include these benefits:

• Diagnostic placement and Annual Achievement Testing
• 5 Core Subjects using a proven award-winning curriculum with a Christian Worldview
• A flexible school experience
• Accredited Transcripts and record keeping done for you
• Technical and office support
• Parent Portal for checking grades

6th – 8th Grade

Program Details

Elite Service Program

The Elite Service Program provides the convenience and benefits of the online learning system while including both the daily teacher grading and academic concept help via the internal messaging system and email. The student can message their teacher questions on any problem in any lesson. Our qualified teachers send help, outside resources, and feedback on assignments and projects. This help and feedback will assist your student in growing academically throughout your school year. The Elite Service program payments start as low as $195 per month.

Premier Service Program

The unique feature of our Premier Service program is that each school day, Southeast Academy teachers take care of all subjective grading. This structure frees up parents to focus on encouragement, incentives, and academic help as needed. The Premier Service program has payments as low as $170 per month.

6th – 8th Grade

Program Details

Term Length

Choose the school term length

This 10 month structure follows a typical 180 day school year. A summer term can be added for a fee if the work is not completed in the 10 months.

Year Round:
The 12 month structure allows the student to complete work over a 12 month period, offering more flexibility for your schedule and pace of work completed.

Southeast Academy Middle School Tuition Rates:

There are rates below for the 10 Month Traditional and 12 Month Year Round options for the four different programs. Once you’ve chosen your program service level, decide between the Traditional or Year Round structure. You will be asked on the registration form if you want the 10 Month Traditional or 12 Month Year Round option.

Elite Service Online Program

• Monthly: $195 (10 mo plan) or $175 (12 mo plan)
• Quarterly: $475 (4 payments/10 mo plan) or $500 (12 4 payments/ 12 mo plan)
• Semester: $940 (2 payments/10 mo plan) or $975 (2 payments/12 mo plan)
• Annual: $1850 (10 mo plan) or $1950 (12 mo plan)
• Summer School $275 (If a student does not finish by the end of the 10 month Traditional year.)

Premier Service Online Program

• Monthly: $170 (10 mo plan) or $160 (12 mo plan)
• Quarterly: $400 (4 payments/10 mo plan) or $425 (4 payments/12 mo plan)
• Semester: $785 (2 payments/10 mo plan) or $825 ( 2 payments/12 mo plan)
• Annual: $1475 (10 mo plan) or $1500 (12 mo plan)
• Summer School $275 (If a student does not finish by the end of the 10 month Traditional year.)

Southeast Academy

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Enrolling Pre K-12th Grade

Scope and Sequence:

The samples below are in PDF format. Most browsers will automatically display the file in a new tab when clicked. However, some browsers will just download the file where they need to be opened from your download folder.

(600 level is 6th grade, 700 is 7th grade, 800 is 8th grade)

History (pdf)
Language (pdf)
Math (pdf)
Science (pdf)
Bible (pdf)

Computer Requirements:

Windows desktops, Windows laptops, iMacs, and MacBooks that have wired or wifi internet access can be used for Southeast Academy. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers work with our online curriculum. Some students may want to print occasional information, so a printer is helpful, but not essential. Speakers or earbuds are needed for hearing videos and audio clips, and if using the optional text-to-speech tool.

A Windows PC/laptop or iMac/MacBook should be the main device. A Windows-based tablet may work better than other tablets, depending on the age and specifications of the tablet. A tablet with a browser feature may allow a student to complete lessons, but there is no assurance it will work for all assignments. Thus a parent could possibly have the student try their unique tablet for temporary student usage, but watch for necessary features not working. Satellite internet access may work if there are consistent download speeds.

We also recommend taking steps for protecting your computer and student while online.