Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you accredited? 

Yes. Southeast Academy is accredited by Cognia, the premier international accrediting agency. Southeast Academy is regionally accredited by SACS CASI, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. In addition, Southeast Academy holds accreditation with the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS). Southeast Academy also holds State Recognized Accreditation by the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE).

  1. Does the student have to stay on a schedule or can he/she work at his own pace?

Courses are scheduled out by date to make certain a student finishes by the end of their term. As a school, we expect a student to be on track by the end of each week. This gives the student the flexibility within the week to take their time on more difficult concepts and also move quickly for easier items.

  1. As a parent, do I have to be a certified teacher?

No. Because we are a private school and not funded by the state, our parent/teachers do not have to be state certified.  We recommend that you check to see how your state views homeschooling, virtual schools, and online schools. Some states view online or virtual schools as homeschooling. Some states do have some simple steps that are required.

  1. Do you require someone to be with the student during school hours, or can they work independently?

The short answer is yes because accountability to progress is key. Some students are able to work independently, but we require parents to be consciously aware of their students’ work and progress. Quizzes and Tests should be monitored for academic integrity.

  1.   How does each program work from home?

Pre-K through 2nd grades use colorful booklet curricula. Pre-K and the Kindergarten learning to read programs have additional materials included with the booklets. The booklet structure is easy to use. Along with simple instructions, you will have access to an academic adviser via email and telephone. Normally a specific number of pages in each subject are set as a daily goal for the student. Periodic tests are mailed to SEA. Most students will score very well with our mastery-based structure. For 1st-2nd grade students, parents can view grades and progress online. More details can be found on the 1st-2nd By Grade page.

3rd-8th grades use our online system for academic work. SEA offers four different programs for these grade levels. See our by grade section for details.

High School also uses our online system, but SEA only offers the Elite Service for high school to ensure the best success. The Elite Service provides concept help for these upper grade level subjects. Six credits are included each year for high school.  A full list of benefits and structure can be found on the High School By Grade page.

  1.     Will my student receive holiday breaks as in the public school?

Yes. Please refer to the SEA calendar. Our school calendar is flexible, and may not coincide with the calendar of your local district. If you’d like to take a vacation on a non-SEA holiday, simply work ahead or notify us via email that you’ll be catching up when you return.

  1. If my student transfers to another school will they accept his/her credits?

Although it is up to each individual school to accept or deny credits, there should be no problem with them accepting credits from a nationally accredited school.

  1. Can my child do 2 years of work in one year? Is there any additional cost?

Yes, they can work more quickly than the set schedule if these terms are met.

  1. Academic integrity must be maintained and verified.
  2. Concepts show mastery along the way.
  3. The 1st year tuition must be paid in full
  4. You must contact SEA for 2nd year tuition cost. This may vary per student.
  1.   Will my student be required to take a State Standardized Test?

Yes. Students from 2nd through 12th grade are required to take online Standardized Testing in the spring, included with enrollment.

  1.   If my student finishes early, will I still be required to make the additional monthly payments?

Yes.  The payments are based on the amount of curriculum you are assigned, not on the amount of time for completion .  Records will not be released until all payments are completed.

  1.   Can my student work on one subject at a time until finished?

No. Students must work equally on all subjects assigned in order to maintain academic balance.

  1.   Are we required to register with our state if we enroll in your online school?

A few states have a simple homeschool notification form that should be completed before/when you begin. Some states ask that you notify your last school that you are withdrawing, so students are not counted as absent. Regulations or steps vary from state to state. We recommend that you check for your state, concerning requirements or procedures regarding home schooling in your state.

  1.  What if my child does not finish all the assigned work?

You will be charged per semester for any courses that are not completed in the time frame. We also have a summer session available for an additional charge.

  1.   Do you tutor my students if he/she needs help?

Our online curriculum has built-in digital tutor help throughout the lessons. Elite service students can receive daily tutoring via our internal messaging system. Live SEA Tutoring sessions are available for purchase if that is needed. More information can be found on our SEA Tutoring page.

  1.   What if I do not like the program and decide to withdraw?

Please look at the withdrawal/refund policy on page 38 of the SEA Handbook.

  1.   Do I complete another application and pay the registration every year?

As long as the Student Enrollment Form is completed during the free re-enrollment window each spring, there is no Registration Fee and the student remains enrolled.

  1.   Does SEA offer any scholarship programs for low income families?


  1.   How many credits are required for graduation?

Please see the Graduation Requirements page on the website.

  1. When can my student start in the academy?

You can enroll your student(s) any day of the year.  Curriculum will be assigned based upon paid registration, verification of prior work completed, and tuition paid.

  1.   How long does the enrollment process take?

The enrollment process includes registration, placement testing, financial processing, and curriculum shipment.  Allow two weeks or less for finalization of the entire enrollment process provided that paperwork and placement testing are completed in a timely manner.

  1. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, for 1st-12th grades. PreK and Kindergarten do not because the full grade level of curriculum is shipped in the beginning. Semester, quarterly, and monthly payment options are a provided convenience for the parents’ commitment of two semesters. Monthly payments are not available to 1st-2nd grades since curriculum is shipped with at least a quarter’s curriculum. SEA requires an annual commitment for all students to protect the school’s reputation for academic progress.

  1. Does Southeast Academy send report cards?

Yes, Semester report cards are made available via an email link.

  1. Can I use other curriculum?

All students must use SEA curriculum. High school students may, for an additional fee, include outside courses. Outside courses must be pre-approved by a counselor and not be offered in SEA’s curriculum offering.

  1. Do you have a Statement of Faith?

Yes, on our About Us page.

  1. Will your program prepare my student for college?

Southeast Academy’s college preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into most universities and colleges. Because each college or university has its own entrance requirements, the student or parent will want to consult with the chosen school(s) to tailor a high school program which meets specific requirements of that institution. Students are provided a school number for use with FAFSA college financial assistance and College Board Entrance Exams.