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Southeast Academy Reviews

These Southeast Academy Reviews are testimonials sent to us from past or present enrolled families at Southeast Academy.

“Recently, we received the diploma of our child from SEA. He is the last among our children to attend SEA—a family we joined about ten, memorable years ago. His sister, one of our “SEA-raised children,” has graduated recently from Kansas State University, BS in Anthropology, Summa Cum Laude (University Honors Program). She is now on her way to Arizona State University (ASU), after being accepted in ASU’s combined Masters and PhD programs. Thank you for teaching and strengthening the foundation of Christian values of our children. With your instructions, they have a shining lamp that guides their steps and light their way in life (Psalm 119:105). Thank you for being patient and understanding co-educators. Your gentle reminders and balanced way of mentoring enabled them not only to gain knowledge but more important, develop their character and grow the seed of wisdom that they need to live a full life. Thank you SEA, for partnering with us, parents, in being more involved in our children’s development and learning. We will always be grateful for having SEA as part of our children’s lives and educational journey. Their time with SEA helped shape our children into young adults who strive—with God’s grace and guidance—to be Christians, upright citizens, and good children.” -Rowena from IL

“We started using Southeast Academy after our son had just started fourth grade at a charter school he had attended since kindergarten. We had noticed that things were changing and after an experience that we just could not overlook we sought out something better. We found beyond better! Southeast has been such a wonderful experience for my son, who will be a 7th grader next fall. The teachers are in constant contact with him and answer any question that he may have. The positive reinforcement that is constantly given is wonderful! Just amazing that in the first two weeks of school he had that drive to learn and go above and beyond with school again. The teachers and the office staff are always prompt to communicate any questions. We are very pleased with Southeast. They are also accredited, which is very important when its time for your child to graduate. I highly recommend this school to everyone that I meet.” -Trish W from AZ.

Our children are getting ready to start their 7th year with SEA. We were blessed to find them. We love the curriculum and foundation it has set for their future. My daughter is going to start her junior year and my son will start his senior year. We could not have found a better school for them to learn and graduate from. It has prepared them well for college and given them a strong biblical foundation. The teachers and staff are wonderful.” -Dan & Robin E from KY

“We started using Southeast Academy in January of 2019 after a very bad experience at a private school. Southeast has been such a wonderful experience for my soon to be 9th and 5th graders. The teachers are in constant contact with them and answer any question they have. The office staff is prompt on any questions also. We are very pleased with Southeast. They are also accredited, which is very important when its time for your child to graduate. I would highly recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a homeschool program.” -Marcia C from LA

“My son was barely a C student when in public school. We decided to try home school so that I was there to give him the one on one time he needed. This will be the third year my son has been with SEA and he is now consistently on the AB Honor Roll, and he barely ever needs my help anymore! I tell anyone interested in homeschooling about SEA!” -Brandy V from NC

“Coming to Southeast Academy was an answer to so many of our prayers. It was the best decision that we could have made for our daughter’s education. My only regret was that we didn’t do it sooner. We have enjoyed every year that she was there. And, all of her teachers were more than supportive. She looks back at these last years as her best years in school. Thanks for everything that you and everyone at Southeast have done to assist in getting her to this point, she couldn’t have done it without you all.” -TC from LA

“I have two children and have been homeschooling with Southeast Academy for five years. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The service is excellent. I get quarterly report cards and know that my students’ academic records are being maintained by professional educators.” -John and Karen from VA

“As a graduate of Southeast Academy I can truly recommend the academy to others. I am attending a community college now but plan to transfer to a Christian college next year.” -Cynthia from SC

“I have compared many home school programs and none has the benefits and support that you offer at such a reasonable cost. My children love the curriculum. Thank you!” -Tom from PA

“My daughter and son graduated from Southeast Academy and are now in college. They were thoroughly prepared for college and are doing very well. My other daughter is a sophomore and enjoying the new online program. Thank you for providing a quality academic program.” -Lisa from Fl

“I graduated from Southeast Academy and now I have my two children enrolled in the Academy. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with their education. God bless the entire staff.” -Jeff from VA

“Your school has been such a blessing to my family. For the first time my kids are excited about school.” -Joan from MS

“Thank you all there, my son just got all A’s in his first semester of college.” -James C

“Your staff gets an A+ for service and support.” -Mike from IN

“Thank you Southeast Academy for providing the convenience of homeschooling with the support of your school staff. You have taken the guess work out of homeschooling.” -Jennifer from NC

“My children love working on the computer. I no longer have to beg them to start on their school work. They love the games and multimedia content.” -Sharon from FL

“My sixteen year old daughter has been enrolled with Southeast Academy since first grade. This is a wonderful program and I recommend the school to all my friends who are considering homeschooling.” -Emily from KY

“My children love home schooling with Southeast Academy. I have the confidence of knowing that the school is keeping their records. School is always so helpful when I call. Great Staff!” -Kelly from AK

“WOW! I was impressed with the fast, efficient service. My child was working online within 24 hours after finishing the free diagnostic test.” -Beth from TX

“Southeast Academy is the home of star achievers. My son has special learning needs and always hated school. Now he loves doing his work and is making good grades for the first time. Mrs. Hammond wrote an educational plan that put my son on the path of success. Thank you so much!” -Debra from TX

“I have tried several other homeschooling programs but was not happy with the service or the curriculum. When I came across your site I was thrilled with the many options you offered. The cost was so reasonable and I really appreciate the payment plan. My teen is so motivated to work with the online program.” -Susan from AL

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