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Currently Enrolled Families:

You can qualify for a tuition referral savings of $100 on your account for each family you refer who enrolls with Southeast Academy for 2021-2022. The referred parent will also receive a savings of $100! Savings will be divided equally among the chosen payment plan. Use our Referral Code Signup form on our website to request your “referral code” to give to potential families. Use our Contact Us page if you have any questions. Thank you!

Parent Tips:

It is very helpful for Southeast Academy families to occasionally review the Southeast Academy School Handbook throughout the school year. The Southeast Academy Handbook will help your family be more successful if it is reviewed occasionally. It is available to read online or download from our menu at the top under Students/Documents. It is also helpful if BOTH spouses signup for our Southeast Academy communications. Southeast Academy occasionally sends out a short newsletter via email with helpful and important reminders.