Graduation Requirements: Online High School Diploma

Graduation Requirements

Program Course/Credit Requirements

Basic Skills – General Preparatory – College Preparatory – Honors

Note: In states like California, one SEA credit equals ten credits.

SEA has full accreditation status with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). Cognia International Registry of Accreditation.


Southeast Academy offers four diploma tracks: Honors Preparatory, College Preparatory, General Preparatory, or Vocational (Basic Skills).

The Honors Preparatory diploma track requires a total high school average of 90% or better, 1000 SAT or 22 ACT score, and a minimum score of 12.9 on a Total Battery achievement test.

A state history course is not required for graduation if completed previously.

Students enrolled in the Basic Skills diploma program must complete the highest possible level in all subjects, minimally up through 9th grade level courses.

Failure to complete the Honors or College Preparatory track does not preclude the student from seeking college admission.

Southeast Academy will work with you and your student to ensure that graduation requirements for either the College Preparatory or General Preparatory course of study are met. A Basic Skills Diploma is projected only in agreement with Southeast Academy Administration and the student’s parent/guardian when either the College Preparatory or General Preparatory diploma is not considered attainable by the student.

The College Preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into most colleges and universities. However, because each college and university has its own entrance requirements, the student will want to consult with the college of his or her choice in order to tailor a high school program that meets the specific requirements of that institution.

Southeast Academy’s General Preparatory course of study does not represent the same scope or rigor as the College Preparatory course of study. Students completing the General Preparatory course of study possess credentials enabling them to attend community college, some vocational or technical schools, and possibly some universities.

A minimum of 22 credits is required to earn a General or Basic Skills diploma from Southeast Academy. If a particular state has additional graduation requirements which apply to distance learning schools, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that these requirements are met by working in partnership with the Administration Office.