New Student Registration

Fill out a simple registration form today! The $125 family registration fee is due with your registration form. You can pay the family registration fee online or call in your payment information. The registration fee is non-refundable since many administration tasks are involved right away. A minimum of one semester’s enrollment is also required. The spring semester allows students to work to July 17th if needed. Additionally, you will find our tuition rates for a semester to be one of the best values for services received compared to many private or Christian schools. 

The enrollment process can be completed quickly if the student needs to begin work right away. Steps 1-3 can be completed today in just a few minutes. Steps 4 and 5 are dependent on your response time. Use our Contact page to let us know you if you need to start immediately. We will do our best to accommodate. If needed, an Enrollment Verification letter can be requested after step 5 by using the Contact SEA page.   

  1. Review the appropriate By Grade page for program and tuition information.
  2. Complete a Registration Form below.
  3. Pay the $125 Family Registration fee.
  4. Some families will receive an email with a link to complete our curriculum placement tool for the student.
  5. A Financial Enrollment Agreement will be sent that will confirm your tuition payment schedule based on your preferences that you enter on the registration form. Typically, your first tuition payment is due before the student work begins. More information on remainder of year enrollments. 
  6. Links and instructions to orientation materials will be sent.   

Three Brief Steps Today:

  1. Review the appropriate By Grade page for program and tuition information. 2. Return to this Admissions page and complete the brief registration form below. 3. Pay the family registration fee after entering your information. 

Registration Form:

How many students will you be registering today?

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