What Science is Taught in 12th Grade? Christian Homeschooling Perspective

Many Christian families around the world want to enroll their children in an online Christian school that educates them with a religion-focused curriculum. Unlike the secular online school science curriculums based on the evolution perspective, they require a Bible-based curriculum that teaches children about God’s creation. In this blog, we will discuss what science is taught in a 12th-grade in a Christian homeschooling program.

We believe that God has created the Universe and everything else that exists and want to teach our children through a Biblical perspective. However, sometimes choosing the right science curriculum for your kids can be hard. That’s why we have created this blog to help you understand how we teach science to our high school students and what is included in our homeschool’s science curriculum.

Why Science is Important For High School Students?

Science is an important subject and students take a minimum of three science credits for their accredited diploma. So, learning science subjects is essential for high schoolers to complete their high school graduation.

Science plays a vital role in the development of society and improving our lives. Science creates a foundation in the minds of students to understand the world and universe created by God. By understanding the scientific principles and research, students can explore new ideas in this field. 

Additionally, science education helps students in improving their problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills. These skills are not only important for students in their school or college life but also play a crucial role in their practical lives.

So, the importance of science is not negligible and all students should learn science subjects in their school life. Now, let’s discuss which science is taught in our Christian homeschool’s high school curriculum.

Southeast Academy’s High School Science Curriculum

The Science High School Curriculum by Southeast Academy includes:

  • General Science III
  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Our science course starting from 1st grade through 11th grade enhances the student’s curiosity and understanding of scientific concepts. Through the basic science course, the student will study, watch, and work with everyday materials and objects in their surroundings. All of these things will help students understand the subject. 

General Science III

General Science III is an elective course for high school students. It includes science concepts like the atomic world, volume, mass, density, etc. It also includes physical geology, historical, geology, oceanography, astronomy, and body health.

Integrated Physics and Chemistry

Integrated Physics and Chemistry is a science course designed for High School students who are just starting to learn about science. It covers basic ideas from both chemistry and physics. The main topics in this course are matter, motion and forces, work and energy, electricity and magnetism, and waves.


Biology for high school includes core concepts of taxonomy, the basis of life, microbiology, cells, plants, human anatomy, and physiology. In addition, it covers genetics (God’s plan of inheritance, cell division, reproduction, ecology, pollution, energy, and principles and applications of biology.


Chemistry course for 11th-12th grade students covers, measurement and analysis, how to identify elements, compounds, and mixtures, laws of gasses, conservation of mass, discovery of atoms, molecular structure, chemical reactions, rates & equilibrium, equilibrium systems, and carbon chemistry.


Physics that is taught in 12th grade includes kinematics, dynamics, work & energy, introduction to waves, light, static electricity, electric currents, magnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics. You can also download our science curriculum sample from Science 300 to 1200 in PDF form.

What is Included in the Southeast Academy Homeschool Program?

  • Academic adviser support
  • Daily teacher support through email and internal messaging.
  • Daily academic grading by qualified teachers.
  • Daily progress and grade updates.
  • Parent portal.