In today’s world, there are many ways for each student to learn. That’s why Southeast Academy Online exists, offering flexible and customizable learning to middle and high school students. Our objective is to make a place where Students can learn as much as possible using a Biblical worldview while mastering concepts daily. Students at Southeast Academy have caring teachers supporting them, giving them a quality education.



What Advantages Do Online Schools Offer?

Students’ freedom to set their study time and pace has completely changed education. During the middle and high school years, when kids start to find their passions and have a lot of extracurricular activities on their schedule, this flexibility is quite helpful. Working parents can now set an academic schedule around their schedule, ensuring they are available for subjects needing supervision. Families that want to travel are ready to plan around that! Online high school students who work can set their study time to allow those jobs. 

The Online Distinction of Southeast Academy

We are Southeast Academy Online, not just an online school but a real community that genuinely cares about its students’ academic and personal growth. Our courses cover Christian principles that personally develop students in today’s world. In addition to a solid curriculum, students have caring teachers who come alongside them, giving them the feedback and guidance they need to have continual academic and spiritual growth. 

Why Accreditation Is Important

Selecting Southeast Academy Online, a fully accredited online school, ensures you receive a top-notch education that upholds educational standards. Thanks to accreditation, our program is recognized by colleges, institutions, and businesses, providing our students with a solid basis for their future endeavors.

Adaptable and Individualized Education

We know that every student learns in their way. So that we can meet the needs of all of our students, we make the lessons and the plan flexible. At enrollment, your student will receive placement testing to ensure we create the right course combination for personal growth. Our program can be changed to fit your needs, whether you want to be an artist and spend more time on your work or an athlete who wants to do well and find a good mix between training and studying. Assignments are dated to show the pace that will allow your student to complete their work by the end of the term. However, we know each family has their schedule for each day, so we ask that students be on track by Friday. Our teachers check in monthly to provide insight and encouragement on your students’ progress.



An Emphasis on Christian Principles

Southeast Academy Online encourages a comprehensive approach to education by incorporating Christian values into our curriculum. We support students’ intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth to prepare them for leadership and community service. Southeast Academy students also have the opportunity to join our live clubs for things like Bible study, connection, and STEM opportunities.

Reasonably Priced, Excellent Education

Affordable tuition rates help families access a high-quality education. Thanks to Southeast Academy Online’s competitive tuition rates and transparent pricing information, families can plan and budget for their child’s education without any surprises. Southeast Academy also offers sibling, military, and ministry discounts to help offset the tuition cost. 

Registering with Southeast Academy Online

We strive to make enrolling as easy as possible for families, offering assistance at each stage. Our committed staff will ensure you have all the information you need to make the most excellent choice for your child, from helping you understand how online learning operates to helping you choose the appropriate courses.

Start Your Academic Adventure

Selecting the appropriate middle or high school is an essential choice for families. Southeast Academy Online provides a learning experience that blends academic excellence with moral and spiritual development in a welcoming online community. Please find out how your child may reach their full potential with our accredited online programs.



This Is Where Your Future Begins.

Please take a moment to look around Southeast Academy Online. Visit our website to learn more about our Christian educational philosophy, middle and high school programs, and how we can help your child prepare for a successful future. Join us on the journey to academic success and individual development.