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Kindergarten is the first experience for children that introduces them to education and learning. The initial step must be captivating enough to hold your children’s attention and keep them content. If you are looking for the best homeschool curriculum for kindergarten, you may also ensure that it contains playful learning.

The homeschool kindergarten lesson plans should be designed so that a child enjoys learning new things. Let’s discuss the kind of online kindergarten curriculum that balances education with play-based learning.

What is The Best Curriculum For Kindergarten?

The best online kindergarten curriculum is the one that includes fun and creative activities for kids. That includes phonetically based word recognition to develop early reading skills in children.

A homeschool curriculum for kindergarten should be taught in a clear way using examples. The fun activities should be designed in such a way that they enhance their problem-solving skills.

Always remember that learning is an adventure! The course should be designed to be creative, colorful, and, most importantly, fun, making each lesson an enjoyable experience for young learners.

Additionally, if you are looking for a Christian online homeschool, you may also need to give your child a Christian worldview through learning so that your child develops not only academically but morally as well.

How to Homeschool a Kindergartener?

Homeschooling a kindergartener requires proper planning and attention. 

Reading Abilities

It is important to help children develop a love for reading and the written word, even if they are not following a formal homeschooling curriculum. 

These reading sessions should include phoneme-based word identification so your children can remember the letter names and sounds.


The kindergarten homeschool lesson plans should be made to help young children learn the basics of mathematics while also helping them become more proficient at solving problems and understanding numbers. The focus should be on building a strong number sense, which includes the ability to add and subtract, count, recognize, and write numbers.

Which is The Best Online Kindergarten Homeschool?

When it comes to homeschooling, we provide the best online curriculum for kindergarten to high school. You can have a look at the main features of our online kindergarten curriculum below:

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Southeast Academy Kindergarten Phonics & Reading

Phonics and reading are extremely useful for children as they develop an understanding of the alphabet. It also covers the sound of the alphabet and the idea behind each alphabet. When children study Phonics, they can relate to the logic and relationship between written letters and their sounds.

  • Phoneme-based word identification for first-time readers.
  • Fun, colorful, and creative!
  • Christian worldview
  • Picture association and alphabet stories reinforce letter names and sounds!
  • Student Books 1-4, Readers 1-4, and Teacher Handbook are included in the set.


Southeast Academy Kindergarten Math Curriculum

The math curriculum of kindergarten helps children get started with numbers. It includes fun-based counting, basic addition, basic subtraction etc. The math curriculum lays the foundation by teaching children to identify and count numbers.

  • 160 exciting lessons for students
  • Fun and practical methods for kids to acquire basic mathematical skills, which serve as the foundations of learning
  • Lessons review followed by the introduction of new content
  • Student Books 1 and 2 and the Teacher Handbook are included in the set.


If you want to homeschool your kindergarten kids according to this curriculum, you may enroll your children now.