High School Courses of Study

Course Credits

To graduate within 4 years, high school students should be enrolled in at least 6 course credits each year (except for a continuing student who may have fewer than 5 credits left to complete in order to graduate).

Earning Outside Credit

Additional credits may be earned for courses taken outside of the Academy, as long as the course meets the requirements as outlined below. A transfer fee of $50.00 is assessed for each outside elective.

The course must have prior approval by the Academy and must be in harmony with Southeast Academy’s Statement of Faith. It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate with Southeast Academy Administration should this be a desired choice.
The course must not be a course currently offered by Southeast Academy.
The course must be scheduled for a specific time. Instructional time must be 3-5 hours per week.
The course instructor should have qualifications in the field of instruction.
A course outline/syllabus must be provided prior to approval.
Adequate verification must be received to show that the course has been completed.
If the course is taken at a local school or college a transcript must be submitted upon completion.
Outside electives require a $50.00 transfer fee at the time of approval.
Transfer credits are accepted based on official transcripts and test results.

Independent Homeschool Transfer Credits

Students who have not been enrolled in an institution for one or more years of their high school experience often come to Southeast Academy to pursue a diploma program. In order for coursework completed as an independent homeschool student to transfer into the Southeast Academy credit system, the following guidelines will apply:

All independent course work must be evaluated by Southeast Academy Administration before the transfer credit can be approved.

The following must be included with an Independent Home School request for credit:

A course outline detailing the subject’s scope and sequence.
A record of attendance (both days and hours).
Copies of all assessments or tests.
Samples of daily work or lessons in each subject.
The scores from the Southeast Academy placement testing in Language Arts and Math will be considered during the approval process.
Letter grades will be assigned if adequate documentation is submitted.
Evaluation of prior coursework will be subject to an evaluation fee of $50.00 to cover time and expense on the part of Southeast Academy staff.
Homeschool transfer students are required to earn their final 5 credits with Southeast Academy to receive a high school diploma. Other transfer students must earn their final 4 credits with Southeast Academy in order to receive a Southeast Academy diploma.

College Preparatory Course of Study And Honors Course of Study

Southeast Academy’s college preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into most universities and colleges. However, because each college or university has its own entrance requirements, the student will want to consult with the school of his or her choice to tailor a high school program which meets the specific requirements of that institution. These are the categories of minimum credit required at SEA. Please see our Graduation Requirements page for more details.

Subject Categories (Honors/College Prep) Credits
English/Language Arts 4
Math 4
Science* 3-4
History 4
P.E. and Health 2
Foreign Language 2
Fine Arts 1
Technology 1
Theology 2
Elective if only 3 Sciences 1
Minimum Total 24
*Science may have some situations where only three credits are needed, but four are recommended. If only three Science credits, a minimum of one elective credit will be needed.

General Course of Study

A student earning the general course diploma possesses credentials enabling them to attend community college, some vocational or technical schools, and possibly some universities. The Academy recommends that students completing the general studies attend a community college for two years concentrating on general education courses to prepare them to transfer to a four-year institution. These are the categories of minimum credit required at SEA. Please see our Graduation Requirements page for more details.

Subject Categories (General Preparatory) Credits
English/Language Arts 4
Math 3
Science 3
History* 4
P.E. and Health 2
Fine Arts 1
Technology 1
Theology 2
Electives 2
Minimum Total 22

* If State History is needed, that half credit will be used as an elective. 

Basic Skills Course of Study

Performing Students working with an IEP commensurate with their achievement level receive one unit of credit for each 10 units completed per subject and one-half credit for each 5 units of study completed per subject.

Students must attain an achievement level at or above the 9th grade in order to qualify for an IEP diploma. Students not at a 9th grade or above proficiency level at the time of graduation will receive a certificate of attendance. Only three credits are required in Math if one credit is Algebra I. An additional elective is required in that case. Please see our Graduation Requirements page for more details.

Subject Categories (Basic Preparatory) Credits
English/Language Arts 4
Math* 4
Science 4
History 4
P.E. and Health 2
Technology 1
Theology 2
Electives (2 if only 3 years Math) 1-2
Minimum Total 22

*4 years of Math – 3 years if includes Algebra I

Admission to Colleges and Universities

Students planning on pursuing higher education should research the entrance requirements of the particular school they wish to attend. The ACT or SAT examination is required for admission to many colleges and universities. These tests are usually taken during the spring of a student’s junior or senior year.

Upon written request, Southeast Academy will send a copy of the student’s record to a college or university.

Southeast Academy’s School Code for the College Board SAT’s #472046.