Student Update

Annual Student Update Form

TAKES ONLY A COUPLE MINUTES! Current Special: Normally the $125 annual family registration fee is due with this form, but is currently half off ($62.50)! The Student Update form helps us prepare and double-check information for your student’s next grade level. Students using the 10 month structure should submit this form in the spring or summer. Students using the 12 month year round structure should submit this form the month before the enrollment anniversary date. Tuition payment information should be provided two weeks before the next grade level begins.

10 Month Traditional or 12 Month Year Round Options: On the form below, you will be asked if you prefer a year-round enrollment or a traditional school year enrollment for the upcoming year. The traditional school year enrollment is similar to most traditional school calendars. The year-round enrollment allows 12 months for the student to complete the year’s schoolwork and offers more flexibility for mid-year breaks/vacations. It does not require an extra fee if more time is need during the summer.

Multiple students in the family: The Student Update form is used for up to four students in a family. If a new student from the family will be enrolling for the upcoming year, please complete a separate New Student Registration form (Admissions/New Student Registration) for that particular student after you submit the Student Update form below for your returning student(s).

Referrals: Once your Student Update form is submitted (you must have a student enrolled with Southeast Academy to participate), you also qualify for a tuition referral savings of $100 on your account for each family you refer who enrolls with Southeast Academy for 2022-2023. The referred parent will also receive a savings of $100! Savings will be divided equally among the chosen payment plan. After submitting your Student Update form, use our Referral Code Signup form on our website to request your “referral code” to give to potential families. This signup link is also sent in your Student Update confirmation email.