Free Online Curriculum Overview

We will setup approximately three weeks’ typical school work for the grade level you provide. The curriculum covers beginning of the year material for a grade level. Every school and curriculum is slightly different, but this curriculum will follow most schools’ scope and sequence found at the beginning of a school year.

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 Online Curriculum Overview

Southeast Academy uses an award-winning internet-based structure with over 50,000 multimedia features including videos and digital tutors. The curriculum presents a Christian worldview. SEA’s structure prepares students for today’s college course procedures. Students can complete their schoolwork from anywhere using typical broadband internet access. Electronic scoring instantly corrects work while the questions are fresh and before wrong answers are retained in memory. Grades and progress are viewable online by both the student and parents.

Students are guided through the lessons at their own pace, giving them the chance to master concepts at their ability before moving on to more challenging lessons. This allows students more time when needed, but also allows them to move quickly when they have mastered a concept.

Assignments Screen

Students will be issued a login to enter our online curriculum. The Assignments Screen is basically an easy to use daily lesson plan page. There are several built-in features to keep students on track. From the Assignments page, the student can easily see lessons (L) and projects (P) that need to be finished or done next. This screenshot example shows the Assignments page. The student just clicks an arrow next to the lesson or project to begin or resume. Typically, students will have five or more subjects, but our free access will only have the four subjects of Language Arts, Math, History, and Science. 

Southeast Academy - Lesson Sample

Example Lesson

When a student clicks a lesson (L) assignment, it will take the student to the first reading page or section of the lesson. The lesson pages have various multimedia features, including text to speech. Many lesson pages have a “Tiny Tutor” that can be clicked to hear an alternative presentation of the content if needed. At the top of the lesson page, the student can toggle between the current lesson section and required questions to be answered. In this screenshot example, Section 1 of 2 has 9 questions. Section 2 of 2 will have additional questions. The number of sections for a lesson will vary. The student also has a menu on the right side for additional features such as printing the lesson, reference tools, student notetaking, and activating text to speech. The student can highlight a word or phrase, then click the Reference button to see additional reference materials for the highlighted text.

Demo Lesson Page

Video Lesson

Many lessons have an embedded video that have a perfected presentation. The free online curriculum does not use facetime tools such as Zoom or Skype. Our enrolled students using the Elite program may use a secure facetime tool. The student can view a transcript of the video if needed. Also, the Vocab Arcade in the screenshot below allows the student to play a game to reinforce vocabulary dealing with the lesson. The student can click Courses at the top of most screens to go to a different subject. The student can review all previous lessons, projects, and questions for a course subject, usually for review before a quiz or test.  

Screenshot of Video Feature

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