Free Online Curriculum for 3rd-8th Graders

Free Online Curriculum - SoutheastAcademyOnline.comIf your child is not using a structured curriculum designed for this last quarter, this free online curriculum for 3rd-8th graders may help keep your student from falling behind! Southeast Academy has been assisting thousands of families for over 37 years! SEA has almost two decades of online school experience!

With many uncertainties, the investment of your time right now with this free offer will also show if an online school might be a good option for the upcoming school year! You won’t have to wait until after school starts next fall to find out if an online school is good for both student and parent! 

Please read this page before completing the brief signup form available at the bottom! This free access does not require a credit card, nor will Southeast Academy sell or give any information to a third party. Your account can provide a typical day’s learning in core subjects every day there would normally be school. Your account will have access until June 30th.

Free Online Curriculum Overview

Southeast Academy cannot award credit for this free access. However, it may help show your closed school you were using a high quality, curriculum with assessment that follows a typical scope and sequence for this time of year. It will prevent relying on filler work or thrown together assignments that could put your student behind in some areas! With many uncertainties about campus-based schools for next fall, you may want to use this free trial period to evaluate Southeast Academy as an alternative for the upcoming school year.

Free Online Curriculum -

Southeast Academy uses an award-winning internet-based structure with over 50,000 multimedia features including videos and digital tutors. The free online curriculum does not use face time tools such as Zoom or Skype. The free online curriculum presents a Christian worldview, but leaves doctrinal issues up to the parent and local church. Subjects of Language Arts, Math, History, and Science are assigned to students. Students can complete their schoolwork from anywhere using typical broadband internet access with either a PC or Mac browser. Grades and progress are viewable online by both the student and parents. See more information about the online structure.

Electronic scoring instantly corrects work while the questions are still fresh, and before wrong answers are stored in the student’s memory. Approximately 90% of answers are automatically scored. Occasionally, parents will have to verify answers that cannot be electronically scored, which is called subjective scoring. More about occasional parent scoring. There are also digital tutors (called tiny tutors). These offer more information about a concept or present the information differently to the student when needed. If you were to enroll at SEA next year, our Distinctive and Elite programs include the subjective scoring for the parent.

Students are guided through the lessons at their own pace, giving them the chance to master concepts at their ability before moving on to more challenging lessons. This allows students more time when needed, but also allows them to move quickly when they have mastered a concept.

Parent Responsibilities: Your student may need significant supervision/help the first couple days, especially younger students. Simple instructions are provided for both student and parent usage. Although the system will automatically score over 90% of the work, the parent may need to review occasional phrase, sentence, or essay answers. Students will eventually work more independently as they learn features and procedures, so the parent’s time becomes more freed up. Use our curriculum long enough to see how easy it becomes for both student and parent! 

Signup Info For Free Online Curriculum

Free Online Curriculum -

Once you submit the brief signup form below, we will send you a login, web link to the online system, and brief instructions (via the email address you provide). Our email will be from an account at either or It normally takes less than 24 hours if requesting during the business week. If on a weekend, we will usually send your login and usage instructions on Monday.

We will setup at least six weeks’ typical school work for the grade level you provide. The free online curriculum covers last quarter material for a grade level. Every school and curriculum are slightly different, but should cover standard concepts found for the time of year and grade level. Once you submit your request for an account, you should receive brief step-by-step instructions to get you and your student started. Access will be available till June 30th. 

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