Accredited Online High School

Southeast Academy - Accredited Online High SchoolSEA offers an accredited online high school for all 50 states!

Our Accredited Online High School has decades of experience! Southeast Academy has been assisting families for over 38 years. Our structure is not a new experimental approach to school at home! Southeast Academy will not only keep your child from falling behind, but help to excel! Our curriculum offers a Christian worldview that supports family values!

Southeast Academy offers two enrollment options! Our accredited online high school offers a 10 month structure or a 12 month structure. Traditional: The 10 month structure is called “Traditional” and follows a typical 180 day school year completed in less than 10 months. If a student does not finish by the end of the 10 month Traditional year, there is a $275 summer school fee. If the monthly tuition payment option is chosen for Traditional, the payments are for 10 months. Year Round: The 12 month structure is called “Year Round” and allows the student to complete work over a 12 month period. If the monthly tuition payment option is chosen for Year Round, the payments are for 12 months. The Year Round option offers more flexibility on when breaks or vacations are taken. The Year Round option can help a parent that is working part-time that needs a shorter school week. The same amount of school work as Traditional is required with Year Round. You will be asked if Traditional or Year Round on the registration form.

To enroll in our accredited online high school, fill out a simple registration form today! Register now for 2020-2021! Family Registration Fee plus the Tuition Option you choose. The family registration fee of $125 can be paid online when completing the New Student Registration form or can be called in after you complete the registration form. Your first tuition payment (covered below) is typically due before the student begins work. Read the overview of benefits below, then visit our Admissions page to fill out the simple “New Student Registration” form. A SEA academic counselor will contact you to develop the best customized educational plan for your student.

Southeast Academy - Accredited Online High School
Fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

SEA uses an award-winning internet-based structure for our accredited online high school with over 50,000 multimedia features. The curriculum presents a Christian worldview. SEA’s structure prepares students for today’s college course procedures. High school students can complete their schoolwork from anywhere using typical broadband internet access. SEA’s Elite Service can reduce parent involvement to the level that works best for the family. There are also digital tutors throughout the curriculum. The accredited online high school program includes six subjects, annual online achievement testing, academic adviser support, human teacher support via the built-in messaging system and email. Many other benefits. All for $260 per month or use a quarterly, semester, or annual payment option for a lower cost! Additional tutoring sessions may be purchased if there is a troubling concept area. Project or lab supplies are provided by the family.

Accredited Online High School
Our structure allows flexibility!

Students learn at different rates of speed depending on the subject or concept. Students are guided through the lessons at their own pace, giving them the chance to master concepts at their ability before moving on to more challenging lessons. This allows students more time when needed, but also allows them to move quickly when they have mastered a concept. Students finish lessons by completing various questions, activities, and quizzes. There are approximately 130 lessons per two-semester subject. High school students use our Elite program to receive extra academic assistance from a teacher at SEA via the built-in messaging system and email. Teachers also handle the subjective scoring where answers cannot be automatically scored.

Southeast Academy High School


SEA Advantages:

  • Graduates will have a high school transcript and diploma from an accredited school. SEA’s high school has full accreditation status with AdvancEd and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).
  • A course projection or academic plan for graduation is provided at the time of enrollment to clarify student requirements.
  • There are four different courses of study to meet student needs: honors, college prep, general, and vocational. There is no extra charge for our Honors Program! A SEA academic adviser can guide you to the best choice.
  • High school students have a college entrance school number for use with college entrance testing, applications and financial aid.
  • Annual standardized achievement testing is included in tuition, which can be done at home.

Online Curriculum Includes:

  • Six courses are included in the low accredited online high school tuition.
  • The student’s home page has an efficient built in lesson plan to keep students on track.
  • Instant computerized scoring is provided for a large percentage of student work, which gives immediate answer reinforcement.
  • Teacher scoring is provided for subjective answers that cannot be automatically scored.
  • Grades and progress are viewable online by both the student and parents.
  • A large number of electives are also available for a reasonable cost if the student takes more than six courses.
  • Project or lab supplies are provided by the family.

Southeast Academy - Accredited Online High School

High School (9th-12th) Tuition Information 2020-2021:

Register today or 2020-2021! Our Accredited Online High School uses the Elite Service Program. There is a family registration fee of $125 due at registration and the first tuition payment (below) is required before student work begins. The family registration fee can be paid online when completing the New Student Registration form or can be called in after you complete the registration form. The registration fee is non-refundable since many administration tasks are involved at registration. One registration fee per family if students enroll at the same time. The 12 Month Year Round option is slightly higher to cover teachers year round. There is some savings if you choose a tuition payment plan with less payments.

Tuition Rates: You will be asked on the registration form if you want the 10 Month Traditional or 12 Month Year Round option.

12 Month Year Round Option:

  • Monthly: $230 (12 payments)
  • Quarterly: $650 (4 payments)
  • Semester: $1260 (2 payments)
  • Annual $2500 (1 payment)

10 Month Traditional Option:

  • Monthly: $260 (10 payments)
  • Quarterly: $630 (4 payments)
  • Semester: $1200 (2 payments)
  • Annual $2400 (1 payment)
  • Summer School $275 (If a student does not finish by the end of the 10 month Traditional year.)

See why SEA’s Elite program is a value! Click here for comparison of cost to other schools’ accredited homeschool programs with similar support.

Southeast Academy - Accredited Online High School

Additional Resources:

High School Enrollment Procedures
Frequently Asked Questions
Graduation Requirements
Credits: Transfer Credits, Credits Outside SEA, College Prep
Achievement Testing
Required Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Lab Kits

Southeast Academy
Scope and Sequence:
The samples below are in PDF format. Most browsers will automatically display the file in a new tab when clicked. However, some browsers will just download the file where they need to be opened from your download folder.
(900 level is 9th grade, 1000 is 10th grade, 1100 is 11th grade, 1200 is 12th grade)
History (pdf)
Language (pdf)
Math (pdf)
Science (pdf)
Bible (pdf)

Computer Requirements:

Basically, all you need is a web browser and access to the internet. Typical wired and wifi broadband will work for internet requirements. Some satellite internet providers may not work due to download size restrictions or download speed, so check with us. Our system will work on both PC and Mac browsers used with laptop or desktop computers.  Tablet Info.

We also recommend taking steps for protecting your computer and student while online.