New Student Registration

The $125 family registration fee is due with your registration and is non-refundable. Register and pay the family registration fee today and qualify for 2016 tuition rates! Save $60-$130 off yearly tuition! The family registration fee covers academic placement, academic records creation, transfer, repair, and ongoing office tasks throughout the year for all students in a family. The family registration fee is separate from the tuition fee. 

After you complete the brief registration form, the next screen covers payment of the registration fee. You can pay online or by telephone at 276 496-7777 ext. 221.  Our office accepts Visa or MasterCard by phone.  Other major cards are accepted for online payment. Our call in payment hours are Mon-Fri 8am-4pm EST, 7am-3pm CST, 6am-2pm MST, or 5am-1pm PST. If you are registering outside of these hours, please use the “Call In Payment” form (available after the registration form) to notify us when you will call.

  • Review the appropriate By Grade page for program and tuition information.
  • Complete a Registration Form and pay the family registration fee today.
  • Some families will receive an email with a link to our curriculum placement tool for the student.
  • A statement will be sent for tuition based on your payment preferences.
  • Your first tuition payment is due before the student start date.
  • If needed, you can request an Enrollment Verification letter by using the Contact SEA page.

Three Brief Steps Today:

  1. Choose number of students you will be registering today. 2. Complete brief registration form. 3. Pay family registration fee.

Step One:

How many students will you be registering today?

One  Two  Three  Four