Step Two: Registration Form One Student

No money is due today, but the $125 family registration fee must be paid within 1 week of submitting your registration form. After you complete the brief registration form, you will be given the option of paying the $125 family registration fee in case you would like to get it out of the way today. Otherwise, you will receive an email with payment instructions, so you can pay the family registration fee within 1 week. The family registration fee is separate from the tuition fee that is typically due a week before student work begins.

For 3rd-8th grades, you do not need to decide between Distinctive and Elite Service programs at this point.

Need Help? Please call 276-496-7777 ext. 221 8am-4:30pm EST if you need any assistance OR use our Ask A Live Question when available!


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Our telephone payment hours are 8am-4pm EST, 7am-3pm CST, 6am-2pm MST, 5am-1pm PST.

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